Become a Missionary Become A Missionary
Learn more on how you can start the process of becoming an 'Equip' missionary.

Appropriate Technology Appropriate Technology (AT)
The Appropriate Technology program is comprised of several one to two-week training courses. Each course is designed to give the missionary valuable experience through classroom and practical instruction so they will be more successful on the mission field.

Missionary Medicine Intensive? Missionary Medicine Intensive (MMI)
MMI is a two-week course designed to equip missionaries with diagnostic skills and appropriate treatments. MMI enables the missionary to do physical exams, and to process the information gathered to come up with an accurate diagnosis, and a recommended treatment.

Community Health Evangelism (CHE)
Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is a five-day program that offers a true 'best practices' model for integrating evangelism and discipleship with community development. The work is wholistic seeking to meet the whole need of individuals and communities through complete obedience to everything that Jesus commanded.

Welcome to
Equip International

If you have been looking for an evangelical mission organization with a difference, an organization through which you can demonstrate your faith in Jesus Christ in a practical way, then take a closer look at Equip.

Equip seeks Christians who have chosen to work in service-oriented vocations out of a desire to help others, men and women with a unique sensitivity to their responsibility for sharing Christ with their neighbors through actions as well as words. But Equip is selective; we want Christians who choose to apply their efforts through the local church in its ministry to the community rather than just work in the community apart from the church.

Too often ministries that emphasize social action have been viewed as competing with evangelical organizations for personnel, funds and time. At Equip we believe that working with the local evangelical church is imperative, because the local church is God's instrument for reaching individuals within a society. By encouraging local church members to exercise their skills in the improvement of conditions in their community, we believe we can impact their society in a way that reaps both immediate and eternal rewards.

We refuse to compromise on the evangelical preparation of our people. As a member of the Equip team you will come away from your training with not only a better understanding of your faith but also new skills and confidence for sharing that faith and defending it effectively before others.

We also have a training center and the courses that we offer are the following:

Aquaponics, Well Drilling, Filters, Pump Repair, Farming God's Way/Foundations for Farming, Team Leader Training/CultureLink, Community Health Evangelism, HIVHope, Missionary Medicine for Physicians, Missionary Medicine Intensive, and Video Technique.

Please note that Equip does not advertise for any jobs on Craigslist. If you see a job listing there supposedly from, it is a scam.