Water Well Drilling Technologies


This course covers all aspects of safe water provision through well digging that can be accomplished in a one week training event.  Students will learn to drill with the LS-100 shallow well, mud rotary drilling rig and actually drill, locate an aquifer, ream and case the borehole, develop the water well and install a hand pump.

Mud rotary drilling is the primary focus of this course, but in addition students will also learn to manually drill with simple, less expensive, percussion methods and hand augers.  There are many ways to drill for water and our goal is to equip you with several ways to locate, drill and provide water in your geographical location.

Your instructors for this course include hydro-geologist and engineers with decades of community development experience working overseas and training others.

Course Outputs:



Missionaries and other church workers who complete this course are better able to meet the need for safe water in the mission field.

The fee includes a training manual, a training video, breakfast and lunch each day and accommodations. Your Equip instructors have also been trained by Living Water International.

For more information on the LS-100 and 200 the following link is provided. http://www.lonestardrills.com/water-well-drills/mechanical-series/


Hand Auger Produced Wells:
We offer a simple method of producing shallow wells in soft formations where water might be available at sixty feet or less. This method has been used successfully and works well coupled with the BioSand filter to ensure that potable water is provided.

Percussion Drilled Wells:

During your time at Equip, Inc. you will have the opportunity to learn a method of drilling developed hundreds of years ago by the Chinese. They have drilled wells through rock to depths of hundreds of feet. This method is labor and time intensive, but where capital is not available, and labor and time are, the percussion drill could be used to provide a good source of water. Upon completion of the course, the participant will receive instruction in the use of and plans for the construction of this simple rig.

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