Missionary Medicine Intensive

A village newborn is brought to you with an infected umbilical cord.
An old man shows up with a badly burnt hand.
Your three-year-old has a fever with a red rash.
And the nearest good doctor is three hours away over washed out roads.
What would you do?

In the Western world we have excellent medical systems, but, as a worker in the developing world, you may well need to be prepared to diagnose and treat a wide variety of injury and illness. This course is a must for missionaries who will be very isolated from good health care and/or medically treating nationals as part of your ministry.

Whether you are a doctor with very little experience in tropical medicine, a nurse, a health care provider, or a lay person, your two weeks in MMI will give you that preparation. The course textbook, the Village Medical Manual, was written by Dr. Mary Vanderkooi, an Equip missionary and a specialist in tropical medicine. This unique diagnostic tool, in conjunction with 150 sample case studies, will prepare you to use logical, step-by-step methods to diagnose hundreds of diseases that you may encounter.

Lectures, which are presented by various instructors with experience in the developing world medicine, include Patient Evaluation, Logic of Diagnoses, Infectious Diseases, Common Diseases, Lacerations and Midwifery.

Labs will give hands-on experience in physical examination, suturing lacerations, injections, calculating dosages and rehydration fluids, stomach tubes, splinting, bandaging, improvisation, sterilizing and developing personal medical kits. MMI could literally be a lifesaver.

MMI is an intense two-weeks of lectures, labs, homework and Christian fellowship.

66.25 Contact Hours 

This continuing educational activity was approved by North Carolina Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

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